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Why I Became A
Content Creator and Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name is Nati. I am a mom of two grown children. I recently took early retirement to fully embrace what I love doing.

I love to cook, having had a great teacher  - my mom! My love of cooking started early I would watch mom cook most of the time without a recipe or she would tweak one. She passed down the love of shopping for fresh local ingredients and how to use flavour profiles and the 5 senses to create amazing dishes. I have made cakes to-order, been a children's Birthday party planner and a personal chef.

The travel bug hit at an early age as well, vacations spent exploring my home province of BC, Canada. As my extended family live in Spain our family travelled back many times. With my own children, we were lucky to travel down the Pacific coast and venture into Nevada and Arizona. Perhaps why they also have the travel bug! My travel bag is always ready for the next adventure. I'll be bringing some of my favourites from the trips. 

As a child, I was fortunate to experience art, ballet, opera, symphony, fashion and photography. I am always looking in awe at the talent the artisans have. I'll be featuring my favourite artisans on my blog. 

In 2009 with Twitter, Tumblr and Soundcloud I began using social media to pass on the things that interested me. Then in 2013, I added Instagram to further share the joy!

For a partnership, mentorship or ad sponsorship, please feel free to contact me.

Photo Maria Asselin-Roy 


Nati Herron


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