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Opening night Osteria Elio Volpe

Finally one of the most anticipated restaurant opening in Vancouver arrived March 14 2024. Elio Volpe is under the umbrella of Banda Volpi who also own Osteria Savio Volpe, Pepino's Spaghetti House and Caffe La Tana, kudos to the team to take us on new adventures!

The restaurant is located in South Cambie Vancouver in what was once a mechanic auto body repair garage. Lots of windows with a bright and airy room comes alive with the beachy vibe decor. I want to take home the green glass water bottles and serving dishes.

The food is reflective of the vibe, seafood, light dishes, thin, thin crust pizza and more. Excellent wines, cocktails to pair with the dishes and of course my favourite is to end with amaro and an espresso lungo. I'll be back to journey through the rest of the menu!

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