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Pi d'en Xandri - Sant Cugat Del Valles

Is a Pine tree planted by Pau Serrabogunya (nicknamed Xandri) around 1775 in order to denote the boundary of his estate. The pine is a pinus pinea specimen measuring 23 meters tall the trunk perimeter measuring 3.20 meters the impressive canopy is 21 x 15 meters. The Pine is located in the outskirts of Sant Cugat Del Valles in the Torre Negra Park. Sant Cugat is located about 40 mins north of Barcelona.

I hadn't been on that hike since I was in my teens, a very long time ago. I was on vacation visiting my cousins, and my daughter came to spend a few days and so this was a great opportunity to introduce her to the 'mighty pine'.

The Pine survived a vandalism attack in 1995 when unknown persons tried to cut and burn it down. The town people rallied round to save it, it has always been a strong part of the town's history so that is why you see it propped up by supports. It stands as a natural monument and a symbol to the town the will of the people.

The park is very natural and has some great short hikes. It was June and the temperature were in the high 20's so we didn't venture too far. You can see the town in the far distance. The meadows were full of wild flowers, grasshoppers and small birds. The hike was very peaceful partly because only tourists hike in the full heat of the sun. That was us! We definitely needed sun screen and way more water than what we took!

I'd love to go back at in either the early spring or early fall and try some of the other trails.

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