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The “Humble” Mortadella Sandwich

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Mortadella the iconic Italian deli meat originated in Bologna Italy. In 1988 the EU elevated its status by granting it Protected Geographical Indication “La Mortadella Bologna IGP”.

I had many editions of the sandwich during my school life. Bread, mayo, mortadella; bread, butter, mortadella, lettuce, tomatoes; bun, dressing lettuce cheese, so you get the idea.

By the time I left the hallways of school life the humble mortadella sandwich fell out of favour after all that would have been many a sandwich!

The sandwich came back in the form of hero sandwiches during sports finals for my husband, then as a sometimes school lunch for my kids.

I revived my love of the humble mortadella sandwich which took me to many delicatessens in search of the perfect sandwich, one where the mortadella was elevated to king.

Luck would have it that my neighbourhood Italian Caffe e Alimentari Caffe La Tana began offering their version of The “Humble” Mortadella Sandwich - a good mountain of Mortadella, grass-fed butter, iceberg lettuce and Italian dressing, all between the Livia potato bun. If you happen to be in Vancouver run over, yes run they are a limited daily offering. #mortadella #sandwich #italian #deli

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