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Discovering Guerlain

Recently while at one of my favourite places to buy my perfumes I thought I would also check out the Rouge G lipstick line by Guerlain. I had owned a lipstick holder, which I 'loved to death' Now Guerlain was not a brand in my lifestyle but the cases are really nice with a double mirror large enough to be able to put lipstick on when you are out and about. The colour choices of the cases (see the two I bought below) the lip colour I purchased was a rouge no 6 and a light shimmer no 999.

My trusty sale associate asked if I had tried the perfumes. Now over the years you would have thought I had, but no. She said oh they have a gorgeous new one that I might like. She showed me Aqua Allegoria Passiflora. This is actually an Eau de Toilette but has the scent hold of a perfume. The notes are Passion fruit Ylang-ylang, Bergamot (also known as Calabrian green gold) and aquatic note.

Immediately after using the tester, the scent took me back to my May vacation in the Grand Cayman Islands. Done deal it now is part of my summer scent collection.

I can't wait to check out some of their other perfumes!

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