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My love affair with music

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Music has always been a part of my life. I started piano lessons (Royal Conservatory Of Music) when I was 8. That gave me my window into music composition and songwriting, although I recognized early on I was a better listener and could tell if a #song was hit material. I am one of those that experiences frisson or most commonly known as ‘goosebumps or shivers up the spine’. Songs or melodies that evoke deep emotions or quirky fun are the ones that find their way to my playlists. On this #music blog I’ll be talking about my favourite #artists, new and old favourites hopefully introduce you to artists you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to.

Tunes on my current #playlist come from the following 5 artists:

Willolux - Thread & Tape

Alyssa Baker - Undone

The National - Sleep Well Beast

Sia - Everyday is Christmas

Hey Ocean! - Amsterdam

Alyssa Baker at the Roxy in Vancouver


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