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More Than One Scent

Ever since I was little I loved looking at the top of my mom’s dresser. That is where she had her gorgeous perfume bottles. The bottles were all different shapes and sizes, some were glass and some were crystal. She wasn’t a one scent woman, she loved to change it up depending on her mood and season of the year. I am the same, I love to change up my scent. I do have a few that are my favourite and will always be in my collection.

My collection will always have Chanel’s Coco Noir, Hermes Kelly Caleche and Galop d’Hermes, and Prada’s Infusion Vetiver. Lately I’ve rediscover the reinvented iconic Chanel No.5 (now called No.5 L’eau) and I love it so much I’ll be adding it to the collection.

Chanel Coco Noir - Top notes - grapefruit, bergamot; Heart notes - rose, jasmine, Indonesian patchouli; Base notes - sandalwood, Brazilian tonka bean, white musk. I love wearing this on those cooler fall and wintery days.

Hermes Kelly Caleche notes - violet, leather, rose, vanilla. The leather notes are so subtle that it’s perfect for spring and summer.

Galop d’Hermes notes - doblis leather, rose, saffron, quince. This is a new scent from 2016, relatively new in my collection but it has become my go to in all seasons and all moods!

Prada Infusion de Vetiver notes - vetiver, tarragon, madagascan pepper, purple ginger. So you may have noticed it’s a masculine scent, very light a bit spicy but so airy that it works on those late spring and warm summer evenings. It’s very refreshing and a little goes a long way, definitely a tomboy scent.

Chanel No 5 L'eau top notes - lemon, mandarin, orange, aldehydes; heart notes - rose, oxygenated jasmine, ylang ylang; base notes - vetiver, cedarwood, soft and cottony musk notes. I’ve been using it on these cold days, the scent is cozy, perfect for cold days. A good scent to alternate with Chanel’s Coco Noir.

Occasionally I will try out other scents especially during Spring, Summer and early Fall before it gets too cold. What are your favourites?

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